Increase Speed and Performance of Nox Android Emulator-Fix Lag and Run ✅Faster Nox App Player

Hey Everyone in this video we will tell you 6 simple steps to Boost
Speed of Your NOX.First Of All BeSure that You have Latest updated Version
if You want to improve performance of Your Nox Android emulator.

If you will folow all these steps this will fix any type of lagging in
Your Nox and You will Feel that Your Nox App player Running Faster and

1.Set Nox Process Priority:Open Taks Manager Then in Processes Then in
Processes Tab try to find Nox App player.Next Go to Details and change
Priority of Nox Android emulator.

2.Double your actual RAM From Control Panel:Go to Control Panel and watch
care fully.

3.Reconfigure the RAM and CPU allocated to NoxPlayer:
.Launch Nox Player
.Click on Settings on upper-right corner
.Click Performance Settings
.Here you can increase RAM and CPU cores
.Click Save Settings

Make sure your computer has enough memory and cores to dedicate a chunk of
it to Nox Player. For instance, you can dedicate up to 8 GB RAM if you
have 16 GB RAM overall, leaving half for the rest of the programs.

Note: This setting is only applicable if your PC supports Virtual

4.Change Graphics Rendering Mode:If a specific game is experiencing lags,
it may be because of how the graphics are rendered….


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