What Happened To The All Female League of Legends Team?

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League of Legends has been constantly evolving during the past 10 years.

During this time the audience has reached peaks that no one could’ve predicted. Filling out stadiums to watch esports yearly.
However despite all the growth in the professional scene, one thing has always stuck out to some viewers. And that is the lack of female representation. Though some orgs have attempted to step into the girl gamer world, none have actually got into official Riot Games tournaments. Until Vaevictis eSports. The first all female team to ever be represented in LoL esports and have a chance to qualify for the League of Legends world championship. But things didn’t go so well.

Links to sources of the videos and data used:

Vaevictis eSports:

Vaevictis eSports 13 Minute defeat:

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Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4, Patch 10.5,…


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