Tune in for the first Super Regional Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit at 5:45 PM BST.

Welcome to the Summer Circuit: a four-month series that will see the regional leaders in different parts of the globe go head-to-head for the first time as they compete for a spot in the September playoffs and a $500,000 prize pool! Watch the best teams from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa battle it out — and if you’re hungry for more Apex action, you can catch the Americas Super Regionals at 11:45 PM BST. Find out who will rule the Arena and who will get smushed along the way.

0:00 PreGame
32:52 Game 1
01:06:45 Game 2
01:39:12 Game 3
02:17:09 Game 4
02:47:01 Game 5

Apex Legends Summer Circuit Overview – EA Official Site
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