2020-06-15 18:00:03

Ever wondered what legendary actually sees play in wild, here is a long video covering everything you need to know, I would skip to the fast summary around the 48 minute mark and just go with that but if you want a specific thought behind a card it will be in here

Druid – 1:30
Hunter – 6:41
Mage – 9:18
Paladin – 13:21
Priest – 16:34
Rogue – 19:47
Shaman – 22:51
Warlock – 26:45
Warrior – 32:07
Neutral – 34:51

Quick Summary – 48:40

Here is the entire list of cards I would definitely keep, if a card is not on this list than it is either very bad, too specific for a niche deck that sees no play or the card has just not performed well overall.

Druid: Aviana, Floop 4mana, Elise, Ysera, Hadronox, Kun
Hunter: Zul’jin, Zixor, Shaw, Dragonbane, Veranus, Rexxar, Brann, Kathrena, Leoroxx, King Krush
Mage: Kalecgos, Evocation, Open the Waygate, Solarian, Luna, Malygos, Reno & Reno Hero, Jaina, Aluneth, Pocket Galaxy
Paladin: Shirvallah, Finley, Murgur, Lynessa, Crystalsmith Kangor, Thekal, Tarim, Liadrin
Priest: Reliquary, Muerte, Murozond, Raza, Anduin, Velen, Soul Mirror, Awaken the Makers
Rogue: Myra’s Element, Tess, Anka, Heistbaron, Flik, Valeera, Kingsbane,…


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