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Intro: Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town
Outro: Abstract – I Wrote You A Letter (Prod. Blulake)

From June 6 to June 27 (Manila time), Wild Rift will be available to a limited group of players in Brazil and the Philippines on Android phones. This test will be pretty small, and much of the game is still very work-in-progress, but we’re collecting feedback on a few important things.

The test will be pretty small this time around, but we’re going to be randomly selecting from players who have pre-registered for Wild Rift on Google Play!
On June 6-8, servers will only be available from 6pm – 10pm each day as we confirm the game’s stability. Invites will be sent earlier in the day on June 6.
We’ll be inviting more players as the test goes on, so keep an eye on your email if you don’t get in on day one. We’re also raising the minimum device spec for this test, but there’s more on that below. Reminder: Once invited, you’ll need to log in with the same Google account you pre-registered with.

Regional Alpha minimum specs:
Android phones…


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