Beranda Megaxus Tower Fever Summon Airdrop Challenge in Factory Top Of Free Fire – Desi...

Summon Airdrop Challenge in Factory Top Of Free Fire – Desi Gamers


In this video i am going to show you only factory top Summon Airdrop challenge in Garena fgree fire desi gamers

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Declaimer – This is a Gameplay Video made for entertainment purpose Only For Gamers Audience ( Garena Free Fire ) . No Any Harmful Contents in this video. Its Just For Fun And Entertainment Only .
New Update

1. Clash Squad will now be opened permanently!
2. New weapon – Desert Eagle now available in Clash Squad.
3. New Character – Notora
4. Lowered the difficulty to level up characters.
5. New Advanced Attachment for Kar98k, Vss, and M14.



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