Pearl Abyss has finally announced the release date of one of the most anticipated mobile MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile! The soft release will be on Oct 24, 2019 and Pre-Registration is now up in both Android and IoS devices.

Android and IoS Official pre-registration link:

Today we take a look and review the game based on our experience in the Korean Server of Black Desert Mobile. This is our impression in the game in hopes to help you decided wether you should give it a shot or now.

Emulator Comparison for Black Desert Mobile:

Game Description:
Black Desert Mobile, developed by Pearl Abyss, is a revolutionary MMORPG that builds upon everything that led to the success of the Black Desert IP and offers players the same level of action-packed content, skill-based styles of combat, and remarkably fast-paced development-to-update speeds. Optimized for mobile platforms and running on a newly developed in-house engine, Black Desert Mobile breaks the boundaries of mobile gaming and offers gamers of all styles and backgrounds a whole new way to experience MMORPGs.

Journey through a war-torn world filled with magic and mystery. At the heart of the conflict are the Black Stones,…


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