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In this Shelfside how to play, we explain the rules to Chinese Bang. This tutorial will cover everything you’ll need to play SanGuoSha/Legends of the Three Kingdoms, so don’t worry if you can’t read Chinese! (We can’t either)

Table of Contents:
Everyone Plays a Little Differently – (0:00)
Initial Team Setup & Basic Explanation of Roles – (0:24)
Introduction to Character Cards – (0:57)
Game Setup – (1:57)
Explaining Main Deck: Basic Cards – (4:44)
Explaining Main Deck: Tools – (5:24)
Distance Mechanic & Explaining Main Deck: Weapons & Horses – (10:04)
Explaining Main Deck: Armor – (11:38)
How a Basic Turn Works – (12:23)
In-depth Strategy for Differing Role Cards – (14:07)

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