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Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more!

The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee!

Consort Titles (in descending order): -UPDATED-

-Empress (Requires 20000 Intimacy and 30000 Charm)
-Imperial Consort (Requires 10000 Intimacy and 15000 Charm)
-Noble Consort (Requires 5000 Intimacy and 10000 Charm)
-Consort (Requires 3000 Intimacy and 8000 Charm)
-Concubine (Requires 2000 Intimacy and 6000 Charm)
-Noble Lady (Requires 1000 Intimacy and 3000 Charm)
-Female Attendant (Requires 500 Intimacy and 1000 Charm)
-Choice Lady (Requires 300 Intimacy and 600 Charm)
-Beauty (Requires 150 Intimacy and 300…


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