After a little fact checking, I found that some of the existing weapon charts for Apex Legends are a little inaccurate when it comes to their rate-of-fire. I was going to make this video either way, but I ended up making my own weapon chart to go with it. I even go into HOW I got these numbers at the end of the video.

But methodology aside, let’s talk about time-to-kill. It’s commonly understood that NO ONE has 100% accuracy in first person shooters. And time-to-kill presumes 100% accuracy, so how is that even useful? Well, on slower shooting guns, it IS actually possible to meet or come close to the theoretical maximum. But as the rate of fire increases, it becomes harder and harder to achieve. But you CAN still learn some useful information, even if it’s only theoretical. For example, you could deduce that an R-301 will kill someone around 20% faster than a Flatline at the same accuracy (whether that’s 20%, 60% or 100%). So let’s talk about TTK.

Weapon Chart:




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