Okay so this random guy asked me If I want to hunt with him. I said yes because I’m a nice person (I try) – So we went into the first hunt and he suddenly turned into sonic – thats when I decided to record. What you see in the video is the second hunt. I asked him how he is attacking so fast – he said “attack speed cores and potions” First off all – In all the 4 hunts that we did, he NEVER drunk a potion and second he even walked very fast in the lobby, you cant even drink potions there (sadly I didn’t recorded that) – anyway I wanted to test his “potions & cores” before I judge, so I kicked him out of the party and tried a few builds.. as expected.. I was fast, but not nearly as fast as him. So my conclusion: Yes, he had some kind of hack.

I censored the chat because my english is garbage, but I didn’t censored his name ‘cause he is a hacking scumbag.♡


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