Today we’re going to go over some tips and best practices for the newly released to open beta, Dauntless. A free to play game release generally brings in a lot of people who are just curious and not with huge roots in the genre.

Check out Dauntless here:

The video ended up largely conversational instead of being punchy with Dauntless tips.. but I’ll list the Dauntless tips broad points here.

0:20 Roll Into attacks
1:05 Don’t be afraid to die / Danger meter is a resource
1:55 Double tap revives and aether jets
2:27 Bulwark tonic is overpowered
3:15 Salvage old materials into notes
3:47 Optimize behemoth loot by following part damage
4:48 Get your group to focus on a part specifically
5:24 Stagger damage breakdown & interrupts
6:22 Wound damage breakdown
7:00 Play around your damage type
8:32 Damage type vs raw
10:01 Breaks change behemoth move
10:46 Reflect projectiles*
11:25 Sheath to conserve stamina in combat
11:49 Loot gathered only is gained if you beat the behemoth
12:06 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

*not all projectiles.. don’t tell your friends though

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