Beranda Dauntless Dauntless Tips, Tricks and New Player Advice

Dauntless Tips, Tricks and New Player Advice


Today we’re going to go over some tips and best practices for the newly released to open beta, Dauntless. A free to play game release generally brings in a lot of people who are just curious and not with huge roots in the genre.

Check out Dauntless here:

The video ended up largely conversational instead of being punchy with Dauntless tips.. but I’ll list the Dauntless tips broad points here.

0:20 Roll Into attacks
1:05 Don’t be afraid to die / Danger meter is a resource
1:55 Double tap revives and aether jets
2:27 Bulwark tonic is overpowered
3:15 Salvage old materials into notes
3:47 Optimize behemoth loot by following part damage
4:48 Get your group to focus on a part specifically
5:24 Stagger damage breakdown & interrupts
6:22 Wound damage breakdown
7:00 Play around your damage type
8:32 Damage type vs raw
10:01 Breaks change behemoth move
10:46 Reflect projectiles*
11:25 Sheath to conserve stamina in combat
11:49 Loot gathered only is gained if you beat the behemoth
12:06 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

*not all projectiles.. don’t tell your friends though

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