In this video, I revisit Dota 2 with another benchmark. This time covering Vulkan as well.

Timeline links:
1. Intro 0:00
2. Graphics API 0:20
3. Graphics settings 0:30
4. CPU and RAM usage 0:41
5. Side-by-side Max Dx9vOGL 1:07
6. Side-by-side Max Vulkan 2:11
7. FPS graphs 3:13
8. Frametime graphs 3:32
9. Lengthy summary 4:22

Thumbnail of video is from 2:17

I used the following Nvidia drivers throughout this video:
Ubuntu with 375.10
Windows with 375.70

Dota 2 is now also known as Dota 2 Reborn, which is what is benchmarked here. All API and Reborn DLC were downloaded on both platforms.

Dota 2 has DX9, DX11, OpenGL and Vulkan on Windows. On Ubuntu, there is the choice of OpenGL and Vulkan.

The default API for Windows is DirectX9. The default API for Ubuntu and Linux in general is OpenGL.

VSync was off for both platforms for both max and min settings. +fps_max 0 was used to uncap the frame limit, so that Dota 2 could soar as high as it can.

On Windows, power settings are set to High Performance. On Ubuntu, cpufreq is also set to Performance. This is important to make sure the CPU is utilized without hindrance on either OS.

On Ubuntu and on Windows I utilized the Steam FPS counter to ensure that it calculated the frames the same…


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