Jake “The Voice” Parr takes you behind the scenes of the birth of Counter-Strike as a simple Half-Life mod to its explosion on the eSports scene!
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Written by Gainesaurus:

Voiced by Jake “The Voice” Parr:

Animated by Corax:


In 1997, undergrad Minh “Gooseman” Le broke into modding with his humble Quake mod, Navy SEALS, and A-Team’s Action Quake 2, but Le longed for realism.

Then Valve released Half-Life. With its skeletal animation and realistic setting, Le eagerly developed his stripped-down mod, Counter Strike. The slower-paced combat and team strategy attracted players but level design was not Le’s forte. So former Action Quake community liaison, Jess Cliffe offered help. Wrangling user-created maps and player discussion, Cliffe helped Le update according to community feedback. Together, they approved hundreds of fixes and introduced dozens of maps over several versions in true crowd development.

But graduation and real-life approached, and Le decided…


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