Beranda Counter Strike The $70 CS:GO POTATO – 1080p CS:GO for Under $100?

The $70 CS:GO POTATO – 1080p CS:GO for Under $100?


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Here is a project that I stumbled on when trying to make a more serious build with the LGA775 platform, however upon completing that build I realised that the DDR2 memory was seriously holding it back… So armed with a cheap 9800GT and some other PC parts that I picked up from my local junk store, – I decided to make what would be known as the CS:GO Potato…
Though to my surprise this thing wasn’t exactly a potato. Another thing about this build is the old school graphics card that is, although fairly old, still able to get up and boogy with some of the most popular titles out there in the PC scene, with one game in particular in mind – CS:GO. I will test league and dota 2 and post back here later.

LGA771 Mod Video here –

What I use to clean my PC Parts –

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