How to get every cosmetic, hud, ward, courier, sets and custom loading screens in dota 2. Its as easy as downloading this tool! You wont get banned, because only you can see it!

1. Download all files here:

2. Unzip the rar

3. Drag and drop the folder into:
Steam/SteamApps/common/dota 2 beta/dota

4. Open steam. go to games library, right click dota 2, properties, set launch options:

add “-override_vpk”

5. Launch Dota2Changer and click “Patch Client”
NOTE: You need to patch your client after every dota 2 update!!!

6. Choose your mods!

7. Enjoy 😀

Songs in order:
Canvai – Dreaming

Outro: Canvai – Breeze

Support Canvai:


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