New edit: So mediafire killed my PDF guide for some reason, some copyright nonsense. Anyway, this tutorial probably isn’t very useful anymore since the game download was removed long ago. It was still useful for using commands on a Steam version, but now Valve deliberately killed something so you can’t even connect to a local server without an internet connection. There was no fix for this last time I checked. /edit

***If you have not linked a Google+ account I cannot reply to your comments, or even send you a message. This is Google trying to push Google+ on everyone, sorry, nothing I can do about it.
Also, I DID NOT CREATE THE DOWNLOAD, I CANNOT MAKE UPDATES or patches for the new map, items, heroes, etc. I just made the guide. Also, it is unlikely that a newer offline version will be created any time soon.***

PDF link in video wont work. Here is another:

Took me a while to get it working, all I needed to do was get the batch file and port right. The port number for srcds is 27015. Tested on Windows XP, 7 and 8, inlcuding 32 and 64 bit variants. Only tested hosting on Windows 8 64 bit though. Comment if does/doesn’t work on your…


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