In this video im showing you how to achieve 100% completion in GTA 5 plus unlocking the Career Criminal Achievement. This is by far the easiest 100% completion I’ve ever done. There are few thinks that are NOT hard their just time consuming.

MISSION – You will have to finish the game, so every main stranger mission but you do NOT have to achieve gold medal on any of the missions that makes this so easy. So you can just rush through the story and not think about the medals.

RACES – All races must be completed for this achievement, there is total of 15 races and it does not matter what place you get as long as you finish them. This shouldn’t be a problem because the races are really easy. –
4 Sea Races
6 Off Road Races
5 Street Races

PARACHUTE JUMPS – There ate 13 base jumps you need to complete for part of this achievement. To unlock the base jump missions you will have to see a stranger as Franklin. But after that any of the characters can do the base jumps.

TRIATHLONS – You will have to do three of these for the achievement, again very easy. The first one will unlock by progressing though the story, the second one will show up after finishing the first one, and the third one ill only show up if you do one of the


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