Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video


How to get and fly a helicopter – In GTA Liberty City Stories, despite the fact that airplanes and helicopters are in the game code, normally the player can’t fly them. Even with this limitation, however, in two different missions the player can steal, fly and even save a helicopter inside the garage.

In this video we will show you exactly how to steal these helicopters.

0:00 – Introduction

0:15 – Helicopter #1
Mission: Calm Before The Storm (JD O’Toole)
Location: Portland
Available on: PSP (all versions) PS2 (patched in some version)

3:03 – Helicopter #2
Mission: False Idols (Confessional / Ned Burner)
Location: Staunton Island
Available on: PSP & PS2 (all versions)


Audio file(s) provided by
– Funky Day (Bruce Zimmerman)
– Creatures of the Sun (John Ferrante)


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2 & Sony PSP
Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 2


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