PlusTeens Copy ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in Crime SpreeTeens Copy ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in Crime SpreeThe Associated PressOfficials in Long Island, New York say six teens admitted that they went on a crime spree inspired by the violent video game “Grand Theft Auto.” The teens have been charged with robbery among other charges. (June 27)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:show teens in hancuffs]GRAND THEFT AUTO ISN’T JUST A VIDEO GAME ANYMOREPOLICE SAY THAT FOR SIX LONG ISLAND TEENS IT WAS INSPIRATION FOR A VIOLENT CRIME SPREE. POLICE SAY THE TEENS ADMITTED THEY WERE COPYING A CHARACTER IN THE VIDEO GAME.”I think it’s a disgrace. I think it should be taken off the market. It encourages children to do these types of things.” [Notes:Det. Lt. Ray Cote/Nassau County Police Department]”They were bored. They simply stated that they needed something to do.”POLICE SAY THREE TEENS BEAT AND MUGGED A MAN IN THE PARKING LOT OF A SHOPPING CENTER, KNOCKING OUT SEVERAL OF HIS TEETH JUST TO STEAL MONEY FROM HIS WALLET.THEN, POLICE SAY, THE TEENS MOVED ON TO A LOCAL TRAIN STATION WHERE THEY TARGETED A GROUP OF YOUNG MEN. THEIR TARGETS TURNED OUT TO BE THEIR CLASSMATES. THREE OF THE WOULD-BE VICTIMS ALLEGEDLY JOINED IN THE CRIME SPREE – SWELLING THE GROUP TO…


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